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Welcome to Konkana, a unique Indian Fish specialty restaurant in Edinburgh.

For true foodies, Konkana will be more than just a seafood restaurant, it is an experience…a wholesome, satisfying and elevating experience in Edinburgh! Konkana is named after the Konkan region of India that is most popular for its seafood and Fish specialities. Konkana is our attempt to bring to you the best seafood in Edinburgh, with fresh locally sourced fish and meat with a variety of flavours from the Indian coastline.

Our expert chefs have challenged themselves in creating unique tastier and more appetising Indian food in Edinburgh.

We sincerely wish you enjoy the Konkana Experience!


After enjoying the sights and aromas, began to feast, the combinations of heat , spices and others flavors made this a very memorable dining experience.”
Steven L, Syracuse, NY
“Very high quality and interesting food Really glad that such an interesting Indian restaurant has opened in Edinburgh, it’s not like any of the others.”
Alanna C, Edinburgh, Scotland
“A seafood restaurant, but it is Indian thoughtful, KONKANA!! So delicious. Delicately flavoured and complementary spices with the fish, shellfish and crustaceans – just exquisite! Who would have thought?”
Margare, Sydney Australia

“Nothing Like it.
I think we’ve been to Konkana 7 times since it recently opened. The food here gives a fabulous taste of India’s seafood excellence…”

Ben Tyndall, Edinburgh, Scotland
“Just wonderful
Time and money well spent. Great to have it in Edinburgh. Would highly recommend if some one loves seafood and the fragrant coastal Indian seafood.”
Ravi, Edinburgh, Scotland
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